2017 Horse Care Calendar

Holy Smokes! It’s 2017 and my favorite time of the year… CALENDAR SEASON. This year instead of going through the annual ritual of carefully selecting my horse care calendar I decided to make my own! After years of using store bought calendars that never quite fit my needs I created my own, perfect for scheduling and […]

Horses Have Ruined Me

Because of horses I can never have a normal life. All of that lore that says horses are magical creatures who make everything wonderful is wrong. They have ruined me. Let’s just face it, horses are literally THE WORST! 1. I cluck at the grocery cart and fellow shoppers. 2. I can’t watch a single […]

Supporting An Equine Non-Profit

Not all horses are fortunate enough to be loved and cared for. Many find themselves with heavy handed owners, abandoned in muddy paddocks, or on trailers bound for the border. Whatever their situation is, these horses deserve our attention and our help. All across America hundreds of organizations are working to give these horses the life they deserve. […]

The 5 Horse Movies That Make Me Cry

To all you horse people out there, HOW DO YOU WATCH ANYTHING WITH A HORSE WITHOUT CRYING? No,  I mean it! How do you do it? When I was 16 my first horse colicked unexpectedly and had to be put down. Since then I can barely make it through a Budweiser commercial without reaching for […]

My favorite homemade popcorn recipe ever!

I am a total popcorn fanatic. My favorite christmas gift used to be the cheesy/caramel/salted popcorn tri packs you’d get from your uncle’s cousin twice removed. However, I was getting totally sick of the microwave stuff and frankly thought it was pretty nasty. So, I was looking for a fresh popped alternative that was simple, […]