My favorite homemade popcorn recipe ever!

I am a total popcorn fanatic. My favorite christmas gift used to be the cheesy/caramel/salted popcorn tri packs you’d get from your uncle’s cousin twice removed. However, I was getting totally sick of the microwave stuff and frankly thought it was pretty nasty. So, I was looking for a fresh popped alternative that was simple, […]

Make Your Own Puzzle Feeder

HORSES LOVE TOYS AND FOOD… Combine them together and WHOA! You are now the owner of the year. There are hundreds of toys and treats for horses on the market. They range from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars. If you are an enrichment nut like me, Otto Environmental has so many amazing toy and treat options! Then when […]

Trick or Treat – Homemade Snacks for your Horse

With Halloween right around the corner, let’s not forget our four legged children. But before you drop this post and run to the store, I say leave the $20 bags of horse treats on the shelves! You can whip up a selection of gourmet horse snacks right in your kitchen. Fill it with wholesome and healthy ingredients and […]